ICRES’2020 (English version)

The International Conference ICRES’2020 invites scientists, teachers, experts engaged in research activities of schoolchildren and interested in the development of new types of learning to participate. Forms of participation: with a scientific report or as an attentive listener. The invited speakers will talk about
their experience and organizational management for schoolchildren-researchers in Europe and Asia.

The Conference is organized within the framework of a project – the winner of the Grants Competition of the President of the Russian Federation. Chairman of the Conference Program Committee - Academician A.R. Khokhlov, Vice President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Conference Co-Chairs - Professor D.B. Bogoyavlenskaya, Doctor of Psychology, Chairman of the Moscow Psychological Society; A.O. Karpov – Doctor of Philosophy, President of the Russian Youth Polytechnic Society. The Conference venue is the building of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The Conference is dedicated to a fundamental problem of research education for schoolchildren – the transition from knowledge acquisition to independent production of knowledge in the course of a schoolchild-researchers development (the reproductive-productive transition).

Key topics of the Conference:

  • schoolchild’s personality becoming as a researcher, including the processes of formation of cognitive motivations, initiatives in realizable activities, attitudes to truth, scenarios in determination and changes in the topic of research, its personal acceptance;
  • cognitive changes in the content, structure, apparatus of thinking that occur during the reproductive-productive transition in the course of schoolchild-researcher development;
  • dynamics, didactic scenarios and theoretical models of the reproductive-productive transition in practical activities with schoolchildren-researchers development;
  • psychological-pedagogical methods for development of creative abilities of schoolchildren-researchers in conditions of the reproductive-productive transition;
  • organization of education, cognition, surroundings that provide the reproductive-productive transition in the development of a schoolchild-researcher;
  • experience and roles of educators, research managers, tutors in the formation of the reproductive-productive transition process in training schoolchildren-researchers;
  • specifics of the education system as an institutional factor in the making of schoolchildren-researchers that stimulate motivation for professional activity in the field of science and engineering and contribute to the development of this activity in different social and cultural conditions.

Articles of participants will be published in the Conference Proceedings with the ISBN No. and submitted for indexation in the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI). Speakers and attendees will be able to visit the Russian National Exhibition of the best projects of schoolchildren-researchers with foreign participation. Registration fee is not charged.

Information about organization of participation, preparation of an article and a report is shown in the Information Annex (please, access to: http://www.step-into-the-future.ru).
Phones of the Organizing Committee: +7 (499) 267-55-52, +7 (499) 263-62-82.